Double C Stables was founded by The Cook Family, Jody, Dawn and their daughter Jessica nearly 10 years ago. When Jody and Dawn met in the late 1980's they realized they shared a passion for horses. It took a few years but soon they both purchased horses and began riding,enjoying and learning more about them. Jody was raised around livestock and had been fortunate to have a few horses growing up. Like many of today's great horsemen, Jody has a natural ability with animals. His education into the theories and practices behind Natural Horsemanship was a bit of a fast track due to his innate understanding and his low key and patient nature. Around the barn, and especially while training one might think Jody to be a very quiet introspective person. He's a little more lively in other settings but it's that quiet, patient and gentle way that was the foundation for the excellent horseman and teacher Jody is today. With Jody's help and with her own dogged determination, Dawn is an accomplished horsewoman and excellent trainer and teacher. Together, Jody and Dawn still enjoy their own horses but love even more to help others.


Horses have been a part of Jessica's life for as long as she can remember. She has always seized a true passion for horses and their lifestyle. Jessica got her first horse when she was around 5 years old, and since then has been unstoppable on the back of a horse. Since learning the Achievable Horsemanship ways, she has an even stronger passion for the horses, as now she can more relate and "speak" the horses language. Jessica likes to put herself in a horses place, and try to understand them in situations and in their habitat. "We can't force a horse to do anything". They are 1,000 pounds of magnificent animal. If they do something for us, it's because they want to, or they are too scared to do otherwise. I want my horse to want to please me, to want to be with me, to look at me as their leader, and to trust me. I don't believe horses were put here to be our slaves. I believe they are here to bring us happiness, and in return we should do everything we can to bring them happiness. That doesn't mean baby them, and let them do whatever they want, it just means showing them who's boss, but having a relationship with them too.
Steven grew up with a strong interest in horses. He got his first horse when he was around 13, and has had an ever-growing love for horses, ever since. Steven eagerly wanted to take the right approach with training his horse, but just wasn't quite sure how to go about it. He grew up with the mentality that training a horse was a "forceful" act, and there was always bucking, bolting, kicking, biting, and just pure chaos. Steven wanted to know how to have fun with it, and "communicate" with his horse, in a way that was better understood. As Steven grew older, his love for horses grew as well, and so did his desire to train his second horse, Nikki, using gentle, natural horsemanship techniques. Steven was introduced to Double C Stables in 2008 and started working with his horse, Nikki, through the Achievable Horsemanship methods. It was apparent immediately that he had a way with horses. Steven is now a full time trainer at Double C Stables. Together he and Jessica train outside horses, as well as manage the barn. When they aren't training horses, or cleaning out stalls, or Steven isn't shoeing a horse, you will probably find them spending time working with their own horses. 






Jody, Dawn, Steven, & Jessica



R.I.P 3-Legger. You will always hold a special place in our hearts!