Shoeing Fees:


Barefoot Trim: $30


Front Shoes with back

trim: $45


All around $65


Corrective Shoeing:

evaluated on a case by case basis.


These prices are based on shoeing within a 30 mile radius of Blairsville. Outside this area there is a surcharge for travel. Depending on the location it could be a flat fee or a per mile




Examples of corrective trimming:

Images on left: This horse is pigeon-toed. His hoof growth is affected by his stance. We trim to compensate for this.


Images on right: This horse went too long without a trim, she has good conformation but the overgrowth caused her heels to be lower thereby causing improper positioning of the pastern or ankle.

About the farriers


Jody Cook & Steven Keen have more than a decade of experience trimming and shoeing horses of all breeds and disciplines.

Vist the about page to learn more!


*Farrier work is done by Steven Keen




After One Trim

After One Trim