When we went to look at Samson, a percheron/spotted saddlebred gelding, a close friend and fellow horse owner who went to help me decide told me, "If you came to my barn, I would NOT put you on this horse". He didn't really think Samson was a good horse for me. Something about Samson's eyes made me buy him anyway, despite his spooky and nervous demeanor. With less than three hours notice after buying him, Double C stables was wiling to take Samson for a month of training. Samson was a former buggy horse who had been mistreated by the Amish and rarely ridden or given any attention except when being harnessed. He had never been in a round pen or had any natural horsemanship training prior to coming to Double C. Over the course of the month, I saw an amazing transformation of Samson. Every weekend his improvement was amazing. I was also grateful for the amount of time Steven, Dawn, Jessica and Jody took to help teach me about natural horsemanship and how to handle Samson. When we left Double C Stables, my friend rode him again and expressed what a different horse he was now and that he had every confidence in Samson now. Since leaving, Steven has also not hesitated to make time to answer my phone calls and texts whenever I have a question about anything. 
 Samson has been home for over a month now and is an amazing horse. Not only is he gentle enough for me to ride, he is gentle enough for my eight year old. Despite being 17 hand tall and having a  huge draft horse frame, he never uses his size and strength against her, even putting his head down so she can braid his forelock.   He is respectful to everyone he meets, never crowding them. Many of the other boarders at our barn have expressed amazement at how well trained he is and even brag to other visitors about his manners. I have actually had to get him out and show off his manners to a few people. One person recently tried to buy him from me after watching me work him in the round pen! His training at Double C has also saved my life. Recently, I was standing with him at the fence. An aggressive horse charged the other side of the fence. Samson spun to race away and ran headlong into me. He stopped immediately, then jumped sideways and ran off. I have no doubt if he had not had the training at Double C, he would have run me over rather than stopping to keep from hurting me. There are a few horses at the barn who would have just trampled me, including my mare. His training has made him such different horse than before and I am grateful for it. As a matter of fact, I have so much faith in Double C Stables and their training methods, I will be sending our TWH mare to them in the Spring for the same training!

Double C Stables has given me a wonderful companion that my children and I just adore.  Thank you Double C Stables!!!





When we rescued an abused and very high strung wild Mustang stallion, we knew we had out work cut out for us. We soon learned just how hard it would be -- He would charge strangers and try to chase people, run through fences, aggressive to other horses... He was very tense and on edge when we try to handle or even feed him. He had a rough past and had severe trust issues. He was very smart and willing to learn, but all his training had to be tailored to his emotional needs. You could tell he had a big heart under his tough exterior and wanted to be with people... He was still afraid and worried when we After looking for a safe place for our boy, We decided to send him to train with Double C Stables in Blairsville, Georgia. We heard a lot of good things about them from the horse community in our area and felt they would be able to work thru Cochise's issues. After speaking to Jody and Dawn, we immediately felt at ease and that we'd make the right choice for him. After two months, Cochise's personality and big heart finally came through. He was calm and seemed willing to learn anything they asked. We were ecstatic! After all this time, he was finally relaxed, trusting and seemed genuinely happy. He seemed to understand his abuse and pain were over. He went from a COMPLETELY wild, untrained, aggressive Mustang Stallion, to a easy going, fit and wonderful animal. He was a healthy, but pudgy and lazy from lack of real exercise when he got there but they gave him back to us in really fit, well toned, and looking like a magazine horse! Of course, he rides great and we love that but the main thing is he is not afraid anymore. He was sort of the Lion without courage, and Double C Stables brought out his strengths. He can now go on trail rides with horses, eat snacks from children, and can enjoy his life fully. Today Cochise is a really lovely horse with a great attitude. We will always be grateful for the honest and hard work they have done with him. You make a horse do anything with fear, but you won't be doing it right and it certainly won't last. Be cause they broke him with trust and care, he has a solid training and riding foundation. His excellent training shows everyday. We would have never been able to trust any other stable with our special wild boy, and we can't say enough about Double C Stables. The Cook family is an honest, hard-working and relievable bunch. Cochise's different is like day and night. They have expert methods with great customer service. If you want your horses worked the right way, no stable is better!"
The Patterson's
Blue Ridge, Georgia



Dear Jody and Dawn,


I want to sincerely THANK YOU for all you have done for my BLM Mustang, "Toquima" and I. It has been one year ago this month (October 2005) I took "Toquima" to you to be trained under saddle. You did a remarkable job with the finishing touches of his ground work/ de-spooking and an amazing job training my "wild-mustang" under saddle.

Your Natural Horsemanship approach, pressure and immediate release, really works! Your natural gift, patience, consistency and ability to communicate with horses is what helped my Mustang become who he is today. When I was looking for a trainer, I wanted to be sure he was trained the right way because I knew when I adopted him, it would be for a lifetime. I read your "training philosophy" on your website and I agreed 100% and I knew I wanted you to be the one to train him. With your help, he has become a confident, loveable, sweet, loyal, kind and happy domesticated horse! And he thanks you for that! You have not only helped my horse, but you have taught me so much, have always been there to answer my questions, help me overcome my fears and coach me through them, build my riding confidence and you are both always so understanding with everything. I don't know how I could have done it without you guys!


On another note, I must tell you how much my 5 year old daughter enjoyed your first annual Buckaroo Days! It was a wonderful experience for the children to learn about horses for the day. She had a blast grooming the horses, going on a Scavenger hunt, roping the mechanical bull, learning things about horses and especially riding "Lex" and "Charlie." She tells everyone now what a "frog" is on a horses foot. Before Buckaroo Days my daughter already loved horses, but now she is very eager to learn and wants to become a "horse girl." There is no doubt she is looking forward to more Buckaroo Days at Double C Stables.


In closing, I'd like to say that you all are such wonderful, kind, good-hearted people! I not only earned my horses trust this past year, but my family and I have made wonderful friends at Double C Stables! You know I will continue to recommend you all to all of my horse friends, it just doesn't get any better than you guys! We look forward to many Achievable Horsemanship workshops in the future!

Thanks so much for all you do - you are truly a blessing!



Ann Marie Pettit and Family  

My experience at Double C Stables has truly been life changing. It had been 10 years since I had been on a horse. I was terrified of riding and my horsemanship was lacking, to say the least. The horse I loved was stubborn and had many bad habits that made him a challenge to handle. Jody and Dawn changed all of that. With their encouragement and patient guidance I got back in the saddle and with great confidence. They changed that stubborn horse into a dream with their gentle hands-on approach to horsemanship and training. They trained me and my horse to respect each other and become a team.

I’m a new woman with a new horse and I thank Double C Stables for the wonderful experience and amazing transformation.


Christy Legg

Blairsville, GA


During the spring of 06 our family decided to move to Union County from S. Fl. Knowing the relocation would be problematic for our teenage niece we committed to pursuing an activity for her not readily available in S Fl., horseback riding. During an internet search we found the “Double C” website and upon our relocation, we visited the stables. Upon speaking with Jody and Dawn their love of what they did was apparent, but more importantly they took an interest in us and committed to working with two (2) “city” folk, to provide a positive and productive experience.

Jody and Dawn don’t just teach riding, they teach horse care and riding preparation and do it with a positive approach. Their positive reinforcement approach allows novices, like us, and especially my niece, to gain confidence which translates into a positive riding/life experience. They are flexible in scheduling lessons and are two of the warmest people I have known.


Randy Aguiar


Dear Dawn and Jody,

I want to thank you both for everything that yall have done for my horse Apache and I, and for so willingly sharing Achievable Horsemanship (AH) with us. We've both benefited so much from learning and practicing AH. It's taught us how to work together as a team and how to respect one another without the brutality once used when "breaking a horse". I am now a 100%, firm believer in AH, especially after seeing what a difference it has made for me and my horse both separate and as teammates... And I'll admit that I was a skeptic at first. I remember the first time Jody took Apache into the round pen and explained to me what he was doing I thought to myself, "Ok... So he makes this look entirely too easy. There's no way I'll be able to do this myself". I was wrong. Jody had me come into the round pen after a few minutes of me watching him and began coaching me while I flexed Apache and got him backing up to establish his respect towards me. We started round penning him & once I had Apache consistently turning with his head towards me, Jody went about his daily duties at the barn as I continued to work my horse. Suddenly, I realized, "Here I am... Doing it myself, I'm actually teaching my horse by myself". Of course Jody and Dawn took time to check up on us and help me perfect what I was trying to learn and teach Apache, but besides that- it was just me and my horse learning together. Achievable Horsemanship (AH) contributes simple techniques and a do- it- yourself method to the world of horse training. To those of us who have a bit of trouble with our horses both young and old, it encourages us to learn how to tune the glitch ourselves, promoting a stronger relationship between horse and owner. Jody and Dawn, the two of you are bringing so much to the "horse community", thank you both for showing and teaching me what I now consider to be the right way to train any horse and educate any horse owner and/or lover.


Caitie Bellinger


Jody and Dawn,


My horse and I have benefited so much since beginning and applying your Achievable Horsemanship program. It has made all the difference! Even though I have owned my horse for 10 years, your program has helped me go back to establish and gain my mare’s respect, which has opened up the door to what a true relationship with a horse is all about!

Jody, your technique is simple and straight forward. You showed me that I do not need to be graceful or coordinated to do this, just willing to put forth some time, patience and physical effort. You not only showed me what to do, but why I was doing it and exactly what to look for in my horse’s response. All of this is helping me to achieve my goals with my horse. My confidence level is higher than it has ever been and it does not take long to begin to see the benefits of establishing yourself as leader in a language that a horse understands. She respects my space now and is beginning to have more trust in me in unfamiliar situations. I can’t thank you enough!

I highly recommend your program to each and every horse owner. They will not regret it!


Beth Bellinger


Jody, Dawn, Steven and Jess,
I am so thankful to have heard about your lease program. Our granddaughter, Sarah has had such a wonderful time with Lex. Thank you Jess for sharing him with Sarah. Leasing Lex has proven how serious Sarah is about the responsibilities of taking care of a horse. She has learned that it's not all about riding. It has been so heartwarming to watch the love and respect that has developed between Lex and Sarah. Steven and Jess are also wonderful instructors. They have been so patient with Sarah. The lessons have taught her not only to ride but have improved her listening skills as well. She has more self confidence and sheer joy! I would definitely recommend Double C Stables to anyone who is looking to lease a horse or for boarding and lessons. I have personally watched Steven and Jess training horses as well. They are amazing!
Thank you again for everything you have done for Sarah. She really loves spending time with both of you.

Yvonne Henry (Mimi)



Dear Dawn, Jody, Steven & Jessica,

I used to ride some when I was in my 20’s but I never lived in a place where I could ride regularly or own my own horse. I guess you can say I was a “city” girl. In 2007 we moved to Blairsville after acquiring a 50 acre property. Most of my neighbors have horses and I started thinking, I could have my own horse now. In June of 2008 someone offered me a free horse. He was no longer able to afford him and said I could have him. It turned out he was an 8 year old registered paint gelding. Needless to say, we brought him home. About a month later he let me know that I had no idea what I was doing and dumped me on the ground. Only a fingertip was broken but my body and ego was seriously bruised. I did some research and read some books on groundwork and riding which helped but when it came time to get back in the saddle I had a lot of fear. I figured it was time to get some help. I heard about Double C Stables from the folks at the store where I work. Everyone said Jody is the best so I decided I’d give them a call. I spoke with Dawn who put me in touch with Steven, their barn manager. Steven invited me to come out and take some riding lessons and I must say I was very impressed with his abilities. He’s a very patient trainer and a confident rider. He inspired me to learn to ride as good as he does. I had lots of fun riding Santana in the round pen and going on trail rides with Steven and Jessica but when it came time to get on my horse I still didn’t trust him. After talking with Steven about my fears he suggested that I let them train him for 30 days. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. Steven was able to get him light and responsive and his whoa is amazing. One of my greatest fears was him taking off with me and not being able to get him to stop. I no longer have that fear.  We’ve had some great trail rides together. I’ve very proud of him now and enjoy showing my neighbors how good he can be and going riding with them. We still have some work to do. I am looking forward to working with Steven and Jessica this summer to get him loaded in the trailer so I can bring him to the new arena to ride.

Thanks so much for all your help. It was well worth every penny.


Sandra Montgomery


Double C Stables has been a true blessing to my family and horses. They are honest, respectful and awesome at what they do. By using their method, Achievable Horsemanship, you in return get honest and respectable horses. My daughter, Morgan, started lessons with them at the age of 6. The impact they made was truly amazing. Double C Stables has since trained 3 of our horses.
The time and dedication that is provided is the upmost. We look forward to having more training done. To this day, at the age of 10, Morgan still trains with Jessica and Steven. We wouldn't have it any other way. Double C Stables is very dedicated to their training to insure the safety of the owner and to achieve the very best out of every horse. You could never find a more founded and dedicated family to train or teach horsemanship. 

Thank You Double C Stables

The Larkins

Double C Stables

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with Poco; the whole training process was a success. When I first bought my horse Poco I thought she was trained. Well I was wrong and I had no clue how to work with her. That is when I realized I needed to send her to my favorite training family “Double C Stables”. You have done wonders in the past with my horse Diesel, who is an outstanding horse for anyone to ride.
Jessica has been working with Poco for months and she has a true gift and understanding horses. She has a natural ability to read them and communicate with them which appears so seamless. I’m so amazed how well she has turned out and now she is a wonderful horse to ride.
Thank You So Much,
Glenna & Darren Jones


Steven and Jessica,

   We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for the exceptional job you both have done caring for and training Hamlet and Shakespeare. When we relocated to Blairsville a little over a year ago we spent a great deal of time researching boarding and lessons in the local area. We cannot be happier with our decision to board and train at Double C. Both Jeanine and myself have learned so much from the both of you. We greatly appreciate the time and effort that you both have spent with us and the horses. It is amazing to see the confidence that Jeanine has developed while taking lessons with you both. She has progressed from a true novice to a more knowledgeable self-assured horse person. Both Hamlet and Shakespeare have shown an extraordinarily positive change in behavior during two months of intense training both on the ground and under saddle. You have both done an incredible job at establishing a solid foundation in both of these young quarter horses. Your hard work and dedication have resulted in two highly respectful horses with unlimited potential. Thank you for treating our horses like they were your own.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Double C and the both of you!



Robbie and Jeanine Page