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Your guide to Lake Travis Fishing. Our Lake Travis Fishing Report is brought to you monthly. You can contact Tyler by phoneor book a trip directly online. Water clarity is typical Travis conditions, gin clear on the lower end of the lake and a bit more stained the further up the river you go. With this heat and warm water, the bass have been moving around and a couple new patterns are working well. Summertime fishing can be hit or miss for a lot of anglers, but I promise you, if you put in the time and learn how bass behave and why certain conditions make them behave a certain way, you will be more successful.

Early in the mornings bass relate to marinas heavily on Lake Travis.

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Not all marinas are created equal, but certain ones are holding large schools of baitfish, which attracts predator fish such as largemouth bass and white bass. Look for fish busting on the surface to give away their location. Live view forward facing sonar such as Garmin Panoptix has been vital to catching these fish when they are on the move chasing bait. Small swimbaits and spoons that imitate the threadfin shad they are feeding on work well to trick them into biting. Quick, accurate casts into the schools of bass hitting the surface are key to getting bit.

If you can hit the fish on the head with your bait right after they jump, you will get bit almost every time. As soon as the bass catch the shad they are after they go back down feet deep, so being fast to cast is critical.

Deep boat docks on the main lake will also hold suspended fish this time of year. I tend to find them suspended feet under the docks in the shade. Be patient and make sure to let you worm float down to that depth before slowly twitching it back to the surface. Watermelon and Green Pumpkin have been the best colors lately with the water being so clear. Lastly, fishing offshore bottom contours such as secondary points, ledges, and creek channel drop offs are good places to look for fish.

Not every deep spot like this is loaded with fish, but when you find the right one they Bass River sucure n sexy be loaded. Getting them to fire up and bite can be tough at times. When they move offshore they usually are not super active even though they are schooled up. A deep crankbait and a Carolina rig with a fluke are two things I like to throw through the schools to fire them up.

Hit them with a fast moving reaction bait, they follow up with a more subtle plastic. This time of year can hold some very good fishing! Come on out and book a trip. Some clients opt to take a lunch break midday and stop at one of the many great restaurants on the lake. Bring your swimsuit and jump in the lake to cool off before getting back to fishing! All fishing trips include rods, reels, tackle, and a cooler of cold bottled waters.

The bass fishing on Lake Travis continues to be good! Water clarity is great as always; expect to find visibility feet on the lower end of the lake, and slightly less as you get further up river, especially past the split. With all the recent rain expect some areas to Bass River sucure n sexy slightly more stained and more debris in the water. This generally clears up pretty quickly though. There are a couple key patterns that I recommend you try. Early in the morning I like to start out looking for schooling fish or throwing a topwater bait. The tail end of the shad spawn is still going on, so pay attention to the shorelines early in the morning for s of this.

If you are not seeing any baitfish activity, keep moving.

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A topwater plug such as a bone colored spook, or a pop-r in chrome or a baitfish pattern are good options. Personally I love throwing topwater since it is so much fun seeing the fish hit it on the surface! To cover water more quickly a paddle tail swimbait such as a 4. I recommend this style hook as opposed to a lead head in order to prevent snags. The fish will move up shallow early in the mornings.

With the lake having risen recently due to the rain, there are a lot of weeds on the edge of the lake. To prevent snagging those I like this way of rigging my swimbaits. As for schooling fish, certain deep water marinas on the lake have been holding large schools of largemouth and white bass.

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A small spoon or swimbait works well to target these fish. If you find them jumping, get your cast as close to the fish as possible as quick as you can. Once the sun comes up and the morning bite slows, I like to back off the bank.

As they leave their post spawn homes, the bass will begin moving deeper and relating to steeper bluffs. Areas with a lot of rock attract the fish as it provides habitat as well as hold forage they feed on. Ned rigs and drop shots are a staple on Lake Travis. These two baits are perfect for putting s in the boat. If I am targeting a little better grade of fish, I like to throw a Texas rigged senko. For these baits stick to natural colors like green pumpkin or watermelon. Fish slow and really pay attention to the feel of the bait hitting the bottom.

The bites can be very very subtle. Evenings The evening bite has been very good. I fish it kind of as a combination of how I fish the morning and mid day bite. Fish will move up shallow again to feed so moving baits like topwater and crankbaits can be productive. You will also find a population of fish that stays out deep, even when its getting closer to sunset.

Shallow areas near deep water are especially good places to look as this is the first place fish will move out of that deeper water to in order to hunt for food. Towards the end of this month I would expect more and more fish to be pulling offshore.

I have been catching fish out deep on deep diving crankbaits, and as the water gets even hotter, more fish will begin that migration. If you are visiting the area, want to try your hand at fishing Lake Travis, or want to book Bass River sucure n sexy coaching trip to get better at fishing, I would love to take you! The bite on Lake Travis has been great and will only get better for the next month!

Water clarity is the typical Travis gin clear water; foot visibility on the lower end of the lake is pretty normal. Seventy is a magical on Lake Travis as that is the temperature needed for the shad to begin their spawn. The shad spawn on Lake Travis is one of the best bites of the year in my opinion. Largemouth bass love eating shad, Threadfin shad is like candy to them! These small baitfish move in schools and will move to docks, marinas, and windy blown rocky shorelines to lay their eggs in the algae that grows on the rocks.

Small spoons and little swimbaits are two of my other go-to baits bait when trying to mimic shad. Fish these baits tight to cover or as close to the docks as you can cast. On the upper end of Lake Travis where the water is Bass River sucure n sexy stained and there is a little more brush in the water, a white swimjig or chatterbait is another lure I like throwing. Currently with the water still just below that temperature needed for the shad to spawn, the bass in Lake Travis are post-spawn. I recommend targeting the mouths of spawning coves.

Main lake points, drains just inside large coves, and small ledges are all places these fish will move to after spawning. A Ned rig and a Texas rigged creature bait are both baits that have been putting a lot of fish in the boat for me.

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With the water being so clear, stick to natural colors like green pumpkin and watermelon. On windy days I like to pick up a crankbait or a jerkbait and cover water. Once I find the fish I like to slow down and pick the area apart with a slower moving bait, then go back to the moving baits. Check out my website and book now! These are trips geared towards teaching Bass River sucure n sexy how to fish Lake Travis and not just running you to my honey holes.

We will approach the day almost as if we were practicing for a tournament. I also offer electronics coaching and will round out the last hour of the trip going over how to more effectively use your graphs. If you fish Lake Travis but struggle to consistently catch fish, consider booking me for a coaching trip… I encourage you to Google my guide service, as I am confident my online reviews will speak for themselves!

The bass fishing on Lake Travis has been great, and will only continue to get better throughout April! As the water warms up the bass become more active and begin to feed more and more. Currently water temps are around 60 degrees on the main lake, up to 64 degrees in the backs of coves. Pay attention to the water temp where you are fishing as this can help you decide how you should be fishing. Water clarity is the typical gin clear Lake Travis. I have seen water clarity as good at 12 feet on the lower end. If you luck out and get on the lake when there is little wind, bed fishing is a blast since you can see the fish very easily.

Currently there are three patterns that I am focusing on to catch the majority of our fish. Spawning Fish Currently the bass are spawning on Lake Travis. When guiding I want everyone to have fun and be fishing. When fishing for bed fish one person gets to be up on the bow trying to catch the fish off the nest while I coach them, while the rest of the group gets to watch. Pre-spawn Fish The majority of the fish I have been targeting are still pre-spawn.

Bass tend to spawn in waves, with fish moving up at different times throughout the spring. What this means is that your typical pre-spawn spots will reload quickly with different fish. This is especially nice as I am able to return to a spot multiple times during the week without wearing it out. Look for points and drains close to spawning coves with deep water nearby. The shoreline directly adjacent to these points is also a very good place to look.

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Next time you are fishing a shallow sloping shoreline on Lake Travis take a look at the rocks. There are more of these below the water line, and this is where the fish congregate. Those rocky veins on the other hand provide all of that! Next time you are targeting pre-spawn fish look for these and target your casts along them. You can find these by using your side scan sonar, or even just looking on Google Earth at old satellite imagery from when the lake was low. Medium diving crankbaits, small swimbaits, flukes, and plastics fished along the bottom are all good ways to target these fish.

Schooling Fish During spring, one of my favorite ways to chase bass is when they are schooling. A lot of the deep-water marinas on Lake Travis hold schools of baitfish, which attracts the bass.

Bass River sucure n sexy

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