Beautiful black woman seeking Pittsburgh

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Patrice Alaquiva takes notes under a tree outside of the Cathedral of Learning.

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My hands framed my face as I hung onto her every word. She told a story highlighting horrific ways human beings treated each other, and she described juxtaposed realities of the people who lived in the same town. I thought it was the next installment in a series of fables she was telling. I never fathomed that one day I would understand it on a personal level and live to tell my children a slightly different version. For Black residents, particularly Black women, none of this information was new.

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This city absolutely sucks for us in every single factor imaginable. Now, we just have the stats to support what we already knew. I dare you to find a Black female Pittsburgher, whether homegrown or transplanted, shocked by this report. The irony is the fact that my ancestors moved here from the Deep South to give their children and bloodline a better life.

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Yet, according to the report, we would have more opportunity and literally healthier lives by moving anywhere, including to the cities that they moved from. At age 8, I was told by my friend — a white female classmate — that the idea of me ever becoming president was hilarious because the White House is for white people.

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At age 12, friends lost it when I beat them and the majority of my white classmates to land the lead in the coveted middle school musical. While my white female peers relished their childhood, worrying about boys and Beanie Babies, I worried about how to navigate a city and world where I was always going to be viewed and treated differently — regardless of my manners, training and intellect — simply because I possessed more melanin. Even at this young age, I started to make sense of all of the stories told by the women in my family. It looks like institutional racism, sexism and ageism in the workplace.

So why not just move?

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The race problem is the American problem. As long as there is an America, there will be a race problem, which means there will be inequality. Imagine what we could achieve if only we all gave the same amount of effort to focusing on inequality as we do with sports and anything black and gold. Patrice Alaquiva is an educator and writer in the city.

Compelling personal stories told by the people living them.

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Beautiful black woman seeking Pittsburgh

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I’m a third-generation Black female living in this Pittsburgh nightmare.