Do you love country music

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We wanted to find out why country music fans love the genre so much.

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We sat down with a country loving Grizzly Rose fan to get to the bottom of it! I have a confession to makeā€¦ I love country music! The older I get, the less dramatic this confession gets, but growing up where I did all of the cool kids loved to rag on country music. So for years, I ran away from the genre even as my parents blasted it from their speakers every day. Now I honestly believe that country music has something for everyone. While musicians of every sort tell stories with their songs, I would say that no genre can spin a yarn like country.

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Since the dawn of country music, its artists have been serenading listeners with everything from wild west epics to incredibly personal confessionals. Once I was in the Philippines and ran into a girl who mentioned how she came from the boondocks. I was surprised to hear that kind of American slang, but she told me it was actually a Filipino word that was brought back to American when US troops returned from fighting there during the Spanish-American war.

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We listened to it together, and her eyes lit up. But when I heard this song playing on the radio it was like Toby was speaking to my soul. While good people of all stripes people disagree about the path America took after that tragedy, I think just about everyone felt the emotions that Toby cried out in that song. But no matter how hard it was losing out on them, in then something else always came along. There are songs for drinking, dancing, and having a laugh.

Deep and dark art might snatch up all the critical acclaim, but at the end of a long day, a bit of good clean fun is as good as gold.

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