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Dramatic physiological and neurophysiological changes seen in response to food images. There is a danger that our growing exposure to beautifully presented images of food having detrimental consequences. The notion of visual hunger — the desire to view beautiful images of food, and consequent changes in organism, is introduced. It is presumably no coincidence, then, that the mouth is situated close to the brain in most animal species.

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However, the environments in which our brains evolved were far less plentiful in terms of the availability of food resources i. The growing obesity crisis is but one of the s that humankind is not doing such a great job in terms of optimizing the contemporary food landscape.

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Under a Creative Commons. Abbreviations SOA stimulus onset asynchrony. OFC orbitofrontal cortex. BMI body-mass index. EFS external food sensitivity. AR augmented reality. VR virtual reality.

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Keywords Vision. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Published by Elsevier Inc.

Hungrylooking for some

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The New Face of Hunger