Looking for ladys that like uncut

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We don't really have any thoughts about circumcision until we grow up and become more conscious of the shape and size of our penis.

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While it might only be until we've seen our mates in the nude that we notice not all sausages have skin, it's certainly a question that's dawned on us: do women prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penises? Now, a recent Reddit thread might have uncovered the answer. The bad news?

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Women do prefer one type over the other. The good news?

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It's not a deal breaker. According the poll, almost 75 per cent of women preferred uncircumcised penises and that was based on their experiences with both. There's something so sexy about it and they're fun to please and play with! If you're feeling like this might be the end of the world, there's reason to breathe a sigh of relief.

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While uncircumcised received the majority of support, some Redditers preferred circumcised. And although many cheered in favour of untouched skin, they also pointed out that it's "not going to ruin the mood and she won't stop if it's not" and" it wouldn't be a deal breaker.

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If you're interested to find out more on what females really think of your pork sword, check out what women really think about the size of your penis. Getty Images.

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Looking for ladys that like uncut

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Circumcision: What do women prefer?