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The NSA is stopping its use of one controversial surveillance technique that impacts Americans' privacy. Make no mistake. This is good news for anyone who wants government surveillance to follow the law. The U. For nearly a decade, EFF has argued in court that these and other warrantless searches and seizures through Upstream are unconstitutional.

Although today's announcement is a welcome one, the NSA has demonstrated, time and time again, that it will only institute meaningful reforms after it gets caught in serious and repeated violation of the law.

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With the looming sunset of SectionCongress is in the perfect position to demand more too, starting with a full and public explanation the scope of Section surveillance, including the long-overdue ing for how many Americans have been impacted by NSA surveillance. When it comes to reforms, Congress should codify the changes the NSA announced today. Congress should limit what the intelligence community can do with information that has been collected under Section Efforts to close this loophole have been widely supported on the Hill in the past and should be included in any reform package Congress considers this year.

With the reauthorization debate set to unfold in the coming weeks and months, we need to tell Congress to keep fighting to rein in this warrantless spying. Marking a big win for the privacy and civil liberties of immigrant communities, the Biden Administration recently rescinded a Trump-era proposed rule that would have massively expanded the collection of biometrics from people applying for an immigration benefit. Introduced in Septemberthe U. The result is a bland, short summary of a classified report, as well as a justified, Cities and states across the country have banned government use of face surveillance technology, and many more are weighing proposals to do so.

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From Boston to San FranciscoNew Orleans to Minneapoliselected officials and activists know that face surveillance gives police the power to track Just before the long weekend at the end of May, Amazon announced the release of their Sidewalk mesh network. There are many misconceptions about what it is and what it does, so this article will untangle some of the confusion. The Los In Privacy Without Monopoly: Data Protection and Interoperabilitywe took a thorough look at the privacy implications of various kinds of interoperability.

Department of Health Black lives matter on the internet. Cindy spoke for all of us in committing EFF to redouble its efforts The Council of Europe Cybercrime Committee's T-CY recent decision to approve new international rules for law enforcement access to user data without strong privacy protections is a blow for global human rights in the digital age.

The final version of the draft Second Additional Protocol to the Council EFF Lists. Electronic Frontier Foundation. Greetings from the Internet. Commentary by Kate Tummarello.

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Nsa just for the weekend

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Just the “Facts”: What We Know About the NSA Spying on Americans