Polk has no good fucks left

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You, the public, really should listen to this tape — to the menace and rage and violent threats it communicates. Here is a link. That is his only importance to the people of Polk County. But it still makes him, probably, the most important and powerful education lobbyist in Florida. You may have also read about the racist, sexist, violence-threatening audio tape that forced him to re from the Legislature some years ago and plead guilty to misdemeanor witness tampering.

Because of that tape, Gov. Ron DeSantis kicked Arza off a campaign fundraiser last year — because DeSantis considered him too racist. Below is a helpful summary from the Miami Herald. Gus Barreiro.

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Arza blamed the incident with Barreiro on alcohol and denied that he was a racist, but pleaded guilty in to two misdemeanor counts of tampering with a witness and received 18 months probation. He is now a lobbyist. I have now, finally, listened to that tape.

It consists of five messages. Arza himself acknowledges leaving only the first two messages.

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But Arza and Barbon were acting as a team, together at the time they left messages. You can make your own judgments.

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Perhaps your ear is better than mine. And here is a transcript put together by the Miami New Times. My own independent listen confirms the accuracy; but my Spanish is not good enough to fully discern the parts in Spanish. This tape is extremely graphic. Appallingly so. God bless you, bitch.

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My nigger. You gonna see. Me recibo en tu madre. Yo me encago en la parida de ti. Tu eres una puta que no vale un tiro. Una puta. Nigger, you see me nigger, Ill crack your face open, punk. Fuck you. Tu eres un culo rojo. Singado de tu madre, tu padre, tu tia, todo el mundo, Singado. Chivaton…Eres una puta que no vale un kilo en el mundo. Una puta que no ni vale pinga.

You know who this is. I try to imagine this from the point-of-view of a Polk County parent or child at BridgePrep. What if they need help? What if they need to report something? But our board should not help them. I certainly will not. I intend to play this tape at our next School Board work session. I intend to play it on the night we have to vote on BridgePrep again, whenever that is. You see, Arza is a close ally of Corcoran with free access to him, at least according to Arza. See below. Alberto Carvalho. I would not want my worst moment to define me.

We talked mostly about education politics. I had forgotten that he had reached out with an offer to help me with my campaign in Prior to the BridgePrep vote, we had couple cordial, unremarkable discussions. He lobbied; I listened.

And then I made my own decision.

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That was it. But I should have known better than to take him at his word about its severity. In doing so, I have come to understand that Ralph Arza has always been at the heart of the Florida Model, with all its corruption, human brutality, teacher hatred, and grifting. Miami Herald reporter Matthew I. Arza says he wants to expand the education consulting business that he quietly launched in ….

Dude did not miss a beat. More or less instantly. Power and intimidation and divisiveness. Indeed, all evidence suggests that ferocity is exactly what they want.

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Know them by their choices and expenditures. Arza is helpful in what he reveals about the moral bankruptcy of his allies, the people who freely choose him as their champion. That movement has freely and enthusiastically chosen and paid Arza to speak and intimidate on its behalf. Nothing and no one so embodies the Florida Model of education, and its leaders, as Ralph Arza. He is their moral values, incarnate. That includes Corcoran and Sen. Manny Diaz and Sen. It includes Step Up for Students and Doug Tuthill and all Florida Model hangers-on who blather on and on, meaninglessly, about moral obligations to children.

Ron DeSantis at least learned about that tape in time to drop Arza like a hot rock during the campaign. But then DeSantis turned around and empowered him by putting Richard Corcoran and his handful of grifters in charge of DoE. That was a dumb move on the substance, and politically. From a purely political point-of-view, turning education over to Corcoran and Ralph Arza created an unnecessary risk for DeSantis, with no gain.

But for now, Ralph Arza only matters because Gov. DeSantis allows him to. Billy Townsend, you are a true gift to Polk County. Thank you, so much, for your courage, tenacity and willingness to stand up for Public schools and teachers. I KNEW about the tapes, but thanks for providing the transcripts Those certainly put a different spin on it.

This was coordinated intimidation. I am a Hillsborough person, but I appreciate you Mr. Expose it! Billy has moved his writing to a very cool, subscription-based service called Substack.

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Billy Townsend. Arza says he wants to expand the education consulting business that he quietly launched in … …almost immediately after his election inArza became a chief legislative ally of then-Gov. Take a mulligan, governor. You made a big mistake empowering Arza and Corcoran. But you can fix it; and people will cheer. Take a look and make your own judgments. How will you engage them? Here are some ideas. the Fight! Read the Latest. Billy Townsend: Public Enemy 1. Public Enemy 1.

Polk has no good fucks left

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