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So, New Orleans, huh? New Orleans also called NOLA also called Naawlins obviously, the most proper way to pronounce it is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and celebrations. You can either fly in or drive in. You can also bus in using the Megabus system. The English dialect in Louisiana is ificantly different from the rest of America let alone the rest of the South.

It is the only place in America where I actually thought someone was speaking another language, but turns out he was just from rural Louisiana. In the summer its sweltering humidity will make you want to wear the least amount of clothes as possible. In the winter, it does get pretty chilly dropping down to freezing. Whatever the season is, New Orleans is always enjoyable.

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Scroll down to the Life and Culture section of this blog to read about unique holidays celebrated in this city that you may want to plan your trip around or avoid. In general though, you can be anything you want in New Orleans, dress however you want in New Orleans, and Sexy real New Orleans welcomed anywhere in New Orleans.

But my constant rule is always dress better than you usually do when you travel. With that said, staying in the French quarter is ideal if you only have a weekend. There are plenty of AirBnBs in the city as well as boutique hotels that are constantly popping up in the area. New Orleans is not a cheap city, so be ready to drop some coins.

If this is not your first time in New Orleans, I recommend staying in Uptown. Staying and living in Uptown is a refreshing change from the shit show that is the French Quarter. The streets are quieter but still rowdythe shotgun houses are adorable said to be named shotgun because when all of the doors are open, you can fire a shotgun and the bullet will go cleanly through all of the rooms and out the backdoorbrunch is within walking distance on every corner, and there are plenty of boutique and eclectic second-hand shops to stroll through. Definitely my favorite area to stay in while in the city.

But be prepared to hate yourself for not wanting to stay longer. Warning: These recommendations may or may not be basic as fuck cause everyone does them. But guess why? No, I mean EAT. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a girl who was born and raised in Hawaii hated seafood. She hated seafood so much she never ate a single fish for the first 22 years of her life. Then one day she went to New Orleans and tasted crawfish etoufee for the first time and magically she fell in love with seafood and has eaten it ever since. The end.

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But erase that from your mind for one weekend. The seafood in New Orleans is something else. It is more comparable to crack-cocaine than to actual food. Try the blackened oysters and alligator sausage. I believe in it that much.

In addition, all of the deserts on the menu are 1 st class. The shrimp omelettes are awesome. Again, the Itis is sure to hit soon after consumption. There will be lots of eating and sleeping on this trip, be warned.

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The End. End of Story. They win. If you have other recommendations, leave them in the comments of this blog post so I can eat at all of demz. New Orleans is the best because it is one of eleven U. The most famous street in New Orleans is Bourbon St. You have to go at least once and sing karoke at a bar, taste some absinthe. Be sure to stop at a Daiquiri shop and try the sugariest, most dangerous drink of your life. I had a girlfriend who straight up passed out before noon after downing one of those things.

They taste good, but remember they still have alcohol in them! Also be sure to grab a Sexy real New Orleans. Jean Lafitte was a French pirate from Haiti that contributed ificantly to various battles near Louisiana. This bar still has wooden tables and is dimly lit to keep the original ambience of how it was when La Fitte and his men would frequent this bar.

Usually a live jazz band is playing at night with only the lights from the moving carousel that was turned into a bar lighting up the space. Another bar sure to have a line out the door and sometimes charge a cover.

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Frenchmen Street is like Bourbon, but for locals. Although I think everywhere is packed with tourists at this point. Louisiana has an interesting history in regards to slavery. Because of its temperature and strategic access to a port, sugar cane plantations were a big time business on the outskirts of New Orleans.

Their owners had vast wealth and lavish estates that still exist in its entirety. While there are a ton of tours to choose from, I highly recommend Laura Plantation. The tour is 75 minutes long and details the history and everyday life of what it was like back then. This plantation is particularly interesting because it was owned by Creoles meaning they were part Black and had slaves from Senegal.

Hours of operation are PM. But the swamps look cool and many of my friends have done it and really enjoyed it. But it is one of the things that New Orleans is famous for.

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Hella basic, I know. I hate bus tours too. There are multiple small kiosks throughout the city where you can purchase a tour. Jackson Square is where the artists and weirdos hang out. Not far away is the boardwalk near the ocean. Most importantly, this is where you can get your palm and tarot cards read. You should go to all of them. But they always have a line that wraps around the corner.

Try it once, move onto the next beignet shop. The atmosphere is so cute s-like on a beautiful sprawling lawn with mossy oak trees and a large pond. The time of year you want to plan your trip is very important. There are a few celebrations that take place in New Orleans that you may want to plan your trip around or try to avoid.

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Mardi Gras parades. Not my photo. This is also a time when balls are held. They were usually expensive and a way for the elite to present their children to society. Kings cake is a Mardi Gras tradition in which a round sweet bread cake with a hidden baby inside is sold and eaten at social gatherings. Whoever gets the piece with the baby in it has to buy the cake the following year. My favorite time to visit New Orleans is October.

New Orleans has some eeriness about it for sure. You can feel in the air that some crazy shit has happened in this city. For example, one of the most famous legends is that of Madame Laulaurie whose house is still on display. She was considered a hallmark of Creole society and extremely wealthy, but when a fire broke out in the house the firemen found a torture chamber in her attic.

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Make sure to bring your costumes. Not to mention the plethora of costume contests and people dressed up on the streets. Not by looks, but in hospitality. Haitian Creole and Louisiana Creole are two different things. Louisiana operated off of a three-tier system for hundreds of years based on color. There were pure Whites, mixed-race, and enslaved Blacks. Whites and Blacks intermarried regularly and mixed-race people often won cases in courts against Whites. Social status was more based on wealth than on race.

It was quite different from the antebellum South where Whites were White and Blacks were Black and there were no rights for those in-between. You can still see remnants of that system today. New Orleans is usually referenced as the birthplace of Jazz with greats such as Fats Domino and Louis Armstrong being produced in this city. The streets are full of it. You can look up more demographics here. The population of New Orleans makes the city what it is: glorious.

Sexy real New Orleans

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