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At your church, as a volunteer, on your staff, as customers. An unhealthy person can infect your team like toxins infect the human body. After some exposure, everyone feels sick. The optimist in you and me hope toxic people will become better. The good news is, sometimes they do. I find usually the people who are moderately impressed or even neutral on the first visit and warm up over time are the ones who are most healthy in the long run. Naturally, we all have opinions that are valid.

But in a healthy human relationship, we reserve opinions about others until we are asked the share them. They tell you about their amazing track record. They tell you about their accomplishments. They demand your attention. Truly healthy people wait to be asked. Often a toxic person, because they want to be the center of attention, will try to get on your calendar soon. Watch carefully. I do not believe God would want us to turn from a toxic person or anyone that begins to talk.

Very toxic feminists women are everywhere nowadays unfortunately, making the problem much worse altogether. God is in our hearts you either have it and activate it. Work ow that HE exists and people will see hrist in You. The GLOW is what and how we attract. Be careful. I possibly feel that Your conscience is Gods whisper to you. Lord Zakuza has done it again!!!!

What words can I use to appreciate this man Lord Zakuza. Thank you sir for bringing back my partner after a hard time trying to get him back. : lordzakuza7 gmail. I have been to 2 different churches in 5 years. And I met several people at church that have had the same types of experiences. I dont condemn them for that. Im pretty sure it doesnt say until death do us part or that there are not any specific vows to any certain church during your walk with God.

You are not toxic if you have not found a home church because you decided to try a church out for 3 months then went to another to try it for 3 months. If you are excited in your speech or the first to give an opinion or idea you Wow honest great looking laidback guy not toxic.

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You also are not toxic if you choose to highlight notes with an orange highlighter instead of a yellow. You are so far as we know just human. Someone needs to get off the toxic high horse and hop onto the horse of love. Why not be loving to someone searching for a church and be kind to them and offer them a loving good-bye if they leave, rather than pre-judging them. Carey, while I am a fan of some of your articles, I have to say you botched this one. First, with this mindset, you certainly are part of the problem.

Second, as others have pointed out, there may be legitimate reasons why people leave church. Besides reasons mentioned above, they may have mental illness, they may be unwilling to reach out due to actual circumstances. There are always two sides to a story. For you, a Minister to label people who are in search of the truth and perhaps love and acceptance is a tragedy.

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Are you saying that if your child or partner changed majors 7 times before they decided to settle on a major or career path, they are toxic. Celebrate each person who worships at your church, even if for one week. That they said, they move around or that was the best service so what? How many husbands did Rahab have?

God calls us as his children to love and respect one another. I find this article you have written, frankly toxic. In addition, you seem to lack certain elements of decency by labeling people as toxic. What qualifies you to do so? Did you really seek to reach out to these people and truly love them unconditionally? Even after they stopped showing up? Rather you were hasty to conclude that they came off too strong. Each of us is on a journey, and just because a person left early and did not meet your expectations does not necessarily make them toxic.

Why not seek to build bridges instead of tearing them down? As a Minister why do you even entertain the thought that someone is blowing their trumpet or announcing their presence with a blow-horn?

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Perhaps they needed validation from you. Believe the best and not the worst in people in your interactions with them. You throw around psychiatric, psychological, behavioral, and relational labels when you have very little experience or exposure to those disciplines. This is akin to a fallacious or red herring argument.

Back up your assertions with robust and not anecdotal evidence. We expect better from you. That someone changes churches does and left your church after 5 years and after attending 5 churches does not automatically make them toxic. Man of God examine yourself.

Lastly, write articles that uplift and not destroy. You market a so-called article about how to spot toxic people. How shameful is that? We put forth in our actions what others hope to see as our true demeanor but we put forth our true being in our words we so believe important for others to hear.

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Perfect comment. I was sitting here reading this article thinking wow, sounds like all extroverts are toxic to these folks. In my life the quiet folks were the scariest and least reliable. Thank you for pointing out this logic. The authors seem like control freaks driven by fear of people with healthy assertiveness and desire for involvement. Thus, a multitude of deceptions and excuses blaming or excluding anyone who might start to learn and to tell the truth. As written in the Bible, as Jesus says, IF you stand up for truth, they will kick you out.

The posts by other religions on these places on the internet are not helpful usually. They are like cyanide in a mix. A mix of various poisons, including from chruches. As written, only the Creator is Faithful and True.

Salvation is in Him and not found anywhere else. It is not found in church es because He is not there. Christians, Churches and Pastors made me leave Christianity for good, I have never been made to feel so excluded, uninvited and pre judged like so. As written all society is toxic. Death dealing. Wickedness seeking to bring all people everywhere down in destruction. The church is usually toxic itself. Thus, whether you are weak, poor, strong, rich, smart, dumb, stupid, wise, you can realize that your observations of all that is in the worldseeing it as bad, is correct. I love God so much.

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I want God to love me. I see lot of things. In my life. People can hurt you and make you feel uncomfortable. I try not talking about God people. But I know I got to have faith. We should love and respect each other. You know I just want God healing my body from pain.

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Put a blessing in my daughter life and her. Keep my family in good health. You know I just want God bless me in a money so I can help my family out. I know God really can do. Thank you for listening to me you have a wonderful blessing day I really appreciate. I am in fact grateful to the owner of this website who has shared this fantastic paragraph at this time.

Right on. Some leaders do get insecure and intimidated by people who are capable and willing. This article is very subjective. I think the author is reffering to specific people that they know personally. I will share with you my experience with Dr. I was lost because my boyfriend left me after seven wonderful years. He thought he was in love with another man, so he abandon me.

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I was so sad! After trying many different spell casters with no I found Dr.

Wow honest great looking laidback guy

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